Monday, 10 June 2013

Blue Sky Weekend in Iqaluit

Zoe Panchen

Friday evening we went to a piano recital given by the renowned Canadian pianist and philanthropist Angela Hewitt at the newly rebuilt St. Judes Cathedral in Iqaluit. The concert was to raise money to cover the cost of rebuilding the igloo shaped cathedral that was destroyed by fire in 2005. We very much enjoyed the recital in this unique cathedral.

Igloo shaped St. Judes Cathedral
nestled in the city of Iqaluit on the edge of Frobisher Bay
 We had two beautiful blue sky days over the weekend. The wind had also dropped too so it was very pleasant to be outside. The streams through town were gushing with water from the snow melt.

Blue sky day in Iqaluit:
Houses overlooking Frobisher Bay
On the weekend many people in Iqaluit head out on Skidoos, komatiks in tow, to cabins in the surrounding hills to go hunting or just enjoy the outdoors. We sat at the end of the pier in Iqaluit on Sunday afternoon watching many weekenders returning across the bay. It was so beautiful and calm and that blue sky - wow, we could have admired the view for hours!

Hunter returning across the Frobisher Bay
On our wonders around town we have found some amazing murals on the sides of houses and buildings in Iqaluit. There is even a mural committee that spear heads the painting.

Portraits of three respected Iqaluit elders

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  1. Would it be possible for you to let us know about some of the people you are meeting along the way? I imagine that you are meeting people who have lead unusual lives, and have interesting stories to tell. Could you share some of these stories with us?