Saturday, 13 July 2013

The world of the very small

Sofia Jain
Well, summer has arrived. Though it’s somewhat an exaggerative use of this warm and sunny word. The only things that makes it feel like summer is the sound of mosquitos the smell of sunscreen and of course the flourishing plant life.

The past few weeks have been greater than zero so it’s an improvement, and temperatures have pushed up past 10 degrees in certain happy moments. Though Iqaluit has been engulfed fog and drizzles from the humidity off the melting ice.

Moss (I wish that I could identify mosses)
I’ve found having to spend so much time on my hands and knees, cross-eyed, trying to determine whether the hairs on this plant are branched or stellate and whether this plants flower is cream or light yellow, has given me an immense appreciation for the small.

Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry)

Rhododendron lapponicum (Lapland Rosebay)

Erigeron eriocephalus  (One flower fleabane)

Armeria scabra (Sea thrift)

Phyllodoce caerulea (Blue mountain heather)

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