Thursday, 12 June 2014

Stranded in Resolute

Zoe and I are here in Resolute Bay, Nunavut
Panic struck this morning when my finger touched the bottom of my blistex jar and I realized that although I’m only a few days into this journey in the arctic desert I’ve already used up a good portion of my lip remedies. My skin is cracked and shrivelled much like the dehydrated food that remains packed away in our duffle bags. For the past three days, instead of setting up camp and digging into our space meals, we’ve been feasting on mountains of heavenly food, cooked by the very talented staff here at PCSP, as if it’s our last meal on Earth. Every overflowing plate (and subsequent food coma) is rationalized by the notion that it’s our last chance to fill our bellies before relinquishing civilization for two months. But, to our disappointment each morning (after yet another hefty breakfast) we are informed of the latest reason for delay: the cargo’s not here; the cargo’s still not here; oops, now there’s a blizzard at every stop to our destination. I fear if we are delayed any longer that by the time we make it to Lake Hazen we’ll be so plump and lethargic that we’ll make the perfect target for a hungry four-legged visitor. 
A Thule archaeological site outside of Resolute Bay 

Being marooned on an arctic island and being continuously stuffed with delicacies isn’t as tragic as it sounds. We’ve been fortunate to have seen a very handsome little arctic fox just outside the window, a Thule camp site complete with sleeping platforms and whale bone architecture, the vibrant downtown core of Resolute Bay (it’s actually the tiniest, quietest town ever; you could sprint across it in five bounds), and some moulds of evolutionary treasures (Tiktaalik and Puijila). I look forward to what tomorrow brings but sure hope that good weather, all the cargo we need and a functioning airplane are in the mix! 

Puijila skull mould (left) and Tiktaalik mould (right)


  1. Amazing! I cant wait to read the next post and to see more wonderful pictures!

  2. This is such a good idea T!