Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Looking Intimidating to the Mosquitos, I Hope

Sofia Jain

I have spent the past 22 days learning more than I thought was possible, about everything from the shapes of hairs on tiny arctic plants to the geography of Nunavut. I've been learning to distinguish a list of 70 plants we should find in Iqaluit and have put together a list of GPS coordinates of were we hope to find them. With only four more days until we're off to Iqaluit, I've almost completed gathering a long list of equipment and food. Now I'm looking at it wondering how it's all going to fit in a suit case! Having been warned about the bugs up North, one of the first things I decided to invest in was a bug jacket and hat. My sister and I tested it out at my cottage. It worked surprisingly well! I got no bites while I had it on! I'm feeling a little less worried about getting eaten alive up North...I think that was 30$ well spent.

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